My name is Emma Schwarz.

I’m a stylist and model from Sweden, currently based in
Tokyo, Japan.

This is the online portfolio for my styling work.

I started doing styling assistance in London for fashion and music shoots and editorials. This was during the same time as I was
working as model in London and Stockholm, so I was inspired by all the creative minds around me.

I came to Tokyo for modeling work, and I ended up moving here permanently to focus on constantly improving my skills as stylist, but still keep on doing modeling as well. I think there are many
advantages of having experience in modeling if you later work with styling and creative direction. Tokyo is now my city and I love it to death, even though I ocationally go to Europe as well.

Please check out my work. If you feel like introducing yourself and tell me what you think, feel free to drop a message.

I hope we will work together soon!

Love, Emma Schwarz